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2020-2021 College Catalog 
2020-2021 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administration, Faculty and Staff

Board of Trustees

Timothy T. Clifford
Jonathan Evans
Jamie D. Hoag, Esq.
Matthew R. Kahn
Patricia Lassiter 
Sandra L. Lish
Brian Sherry, Student Trustee
Michael Patriacca, Student Trustee
Thomas E. Peisch, Esq., Chair
Mikael Pyrtel, Appointed Alumni Trustee
Rodolpho Sanz, Elected Alumni Trustee
Diane Schmalensee, MBA
Liliana Silva, MA
Dune Thorne

MassBay Foundation Board of Directors

Joseph Asaya
Tom Cleverdon, Vice Chair
Stephen T. Hibbard
Becky Kannam
James Lehan, Chair
James McKenzie

Alumni Council

Sabrina Beach, 2020
Marianna Borrelli, President-Elect, 2007
Cynthia Cahill, 1978
Frederick Camerato, President, 2013
Valeria Camerato, 2020
Vanessa Cajuste, 2018
Laurie Carlson, 2008
Steven Carlson, Secretary, 1982
Regina Clinton, 2014
Lauren Curley, 2006
Maria Fitzpatrick, 2015
Brendan Fraser, 2009
Deborah Georgopoulos, 1990
Elizabeth Kinsman-El Khider, 2008
Osayomwanbor Obazee, 2012
Stacy Okada, 2016
Joe Sergi, 1992
Monica Signorino, 2018
Vivian Williams, 1993
David Wong, 2003

President’s Cabinet

David Podell, Ph.D.
Ph.D., New York University
M.Ed., Harvard Graduate School of Education
B.A., University of Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Blumberg, Psy.D. *
Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students
Psy.D., Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
M.A., Wesleyan University
M.A., Tufts University
B.A., William Smith College

Karen Britton, M.A. 
Executive Director, Office of the President
M.A., Emmerson College
B.A., Bucknell University

Neil Buckley *
Vice President for Finance and Administration
MBA, Suffolk University
B.A., Suffolk University

Colleen Coffey
Director of the Metrowest College Planning Center

Don Copson
Interim Chief Information Officer

B.S., Northeastern University

Lauren Curley
Director of Procurement and Business Operations​
B.S., Granite State University
A.S., Massachusetts Bay Community College

Lynne Davis, Ed.D.
Dean of Health Sciences
Ed.D., University of Houston
M.Ed., Central State University
B.S., University of Oklahoma Health Science Center

Marcus Edward
Assistant Vice President of Finance & Administration, Fiscal Affairs
M.B.A., University of Massachusetts

Serafine Gerson
Director, Grants Development
M.S., UMass Boston

Lynn Hunter, D.Ed. *
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
D.Ed., Pennsylvania State University
M.Ed., University of Maine, Orono
B.S., Husson College
A.A.S., Eastern Maine community College

Courtney B. Jackson, Ph.D. *
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Initiatives​
Ph.D., Rutgers University
M.A., Rutgers University
B.A., Colorado College

Chitra Javdekar, Ph.D.
Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Ph.D., Tufts University
M.S., University of Mumbai
B.S., University of Mumbai

Nina Keery
Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences
M.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
B.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 

Christopher La Barbera, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost
Ph.D., Stony Brook University
M.A., Stony Brook University
B.A., Dartmouth College

Robert Lilley, Ed.D.
Dean of Automotive Technology
Ed.D., Northeastern University
M.Ed., American International College
B.S., Keene State College
A.T., McPherson College

Lisa MacDonald
Director of Equity Compliance
M.Ed., Virginia Tech
B.A., University of Hartford

Susan Maggioni, Ph.D.
Dean of Business and Professional Studies
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
J.D., The Duke School of Law
B.A., Trinity College

Lynn Moore
Chief Diversity Officer
Ph.D., Capella University

Vincent O’Connell
Director Public Safety, Public Safety

Mary Shia, A.L.M. *
Vice President of Development
A.L.M. Harvard University Extension School
B.A., University of Massachusetts at Boston

Lisa Slavin, M.P.A. *
Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management
M.P.A., Framingham State University
B.A., Framingham State University

Jeremy​ Solomon, M.P.P.
Interim Director of Marketing and Institutional Communications
M.P.P., Harvard University
B.A., University of Vermont

Samaria Stallings *
Executive Director of Human Resources, Human Resources/Payroll
M.A., Emerson College

Richard Williams
Associate Dean of Student Success
M.F.A., Emerson College
B.S., Texas A&M University

* Executive Team

Faculty and Staff


Victor Acevedo
Clerk IV, Admissions

Alena Adams
Assistant Professor, Nursing
DNP, Capella University  
MSN.Ed, Western Governors University
BSN,Western Governors University
B.Ed., Russian State Pedagogical University
B.S., Eastern Washington University
A.S., Excelsior College 

Karen Akukwe
Coordinator of Transfer Affairs & Articulation
M.A., Harvard University Extension School
B.S., Montana State University

Monica Alcantara
Administrative Assistant I, Admissions
A.A.,Union County College

Rebecca Aldrich
Campus Police Officer III, Public Safety
MPA,Post University    
B.A.,Ashford University    

Joan Alegi-Feeney
Professor, Psychology
M.A., Framingham State College
M.Ed., University of Massachusetts, Boston
B.S., Northeastern University

Michael Amos        
Assistant Professor, Toyota/Lexus     
A.S., MassBay Community College        

Patrick Audry
Clerk III

Stephen Baccari 
Comptroller, Fiscal Affairs
M.S., Northeastern University
B.S., Bentley University  

Jhen-Nell Barrow
Business Office Clerk

Kerry Batte
Administrative Assistant I, Division of Health Sciences
B.S., Framingham State College

Perry Beardsley
Associate Professor, History
Ph.D., SUNY, Buffalo
M.A., SUNY, Buffalo
B.A., SUNY, Buffalo

Barbara Bernard
Director, Academic Achievement Center
B.A., University of Massachusetts, Boston
A.A., MassBay Community College

Ravindra Bhalla
Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science
M.S., University of Massachusetts, Lowell
B.S., Zakir Hussain College

Anjum Bilimoria
Accountant I, Fiacal Affairs
MBA,Sikkim Manipal University, India
B.Com. S.B. Garda Arts & P.K. Patel commerce college, India
A.S., Middlesex Community College 

Marina Bograd
Associate Professor, Electronics Technology & Engineering Design
M.A., University of Phoenix
B.S., Northeastern University    

Robert Bolivar
Associate Professor, Toyota/Lexus
B.S., Worcester State College
A.S.E., Certified Master Technician

Elisabeth Borg
Special Assistant to the President/Capital Campaign Director
M.A., Bard College
B.A., Smith College

Phara Boyer
Assistant Director, Admissions
M.A.,Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology 
B.A., Regis College

Debra Brandy
Senior Financial Aid Counselor, Financial Aid
M.M., Cambridge College
B.S., Cambridge College

Paul Bresnick
Professor, General Motors ASEP
A.S.E., Certified Master Technician
A.S., Massachusetts Bay Community College

Naomi Brown-Jones
Academic & Transfer Counselor
M.Ed., Salem State University
B.A., Providence College

Denise Budd
Staff Assistant to the CIO & Director of Marketing
B.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Jacqueline Burke
Administrative Assistant II, Academic Achievement Center

Phoebe Bustamante 
Learning Disabilities Specialist/Transitional Scholars Coordinator
J.D., Tulane Law School, New Orleans
B.A., Providence College            

Janet Bustos
Administrative Assistant II, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
M. Ed., Cambridge College
B.A., Cambridge College,
A.S., MassBay Community College

Robyn Butterfield
Senior Associate Director, Financial Aid
M.S, Bay Path University
B.A., Castleton State College

Paul Byrnes
Carpenter II, Facilities
Wenthworth Institute of Technology

Cynthia Cahill
Administrative Assistant I, Automotive Technology 
A.S.,Massachusetts Bay Community College
A.A., Johnson & Wales University

Timothy Caley
Professor, General Motors ASEP
A.S.E, Certified Master Technician
A.S., Massachusetts Bay Community College

Lori Cannizzaro
Academic Counselor, Advising
M.Ed., Bridgewater State College
B.S., Bridgewater State College

Caryl Casson
Assistant Professor, English
M.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
B.A., Smith College

Luz Castro
Senior Admissions Counselor, Admissions
M.Ed., Cambridge College
B.A., Cambridge College
A.S., Roxbury Community College

Joshua Cheney
Associate Dean of Students, Student Development
M.A., University of New HavenB.S., University of New Haven

Christopher Chepiga
Enrollment Services Specialist
B.S., Framingham State College
A.S., Massachusetts Bay Community College

Eva Chu
Accountant III
B.S., Northeastern University

Richard Clark            
Associate Professor, Surgical Technology     
M.S., Midwestern State University     
B.A.,Norwich University    

James Cleary
Administrative Assistant II, Registration
B.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

John Conway
Senior Research Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness
M.Ed., Boston CollegeM.S., Northeastern University
B.A., University of Massachusetts 

Elizabeth Cooper
Assistant Director of Marketing, Marketing & Institutional Communications
B.A., Bridgewater State University 

Sarah Cooper
Advising Coordinator 
M.A., Suffolk University
M.A., Johnson & Wales
B.S., Johnson & Wales

Donald Copson
Director of End User Services, Information Technology
B.S.,Northeastern University                                                       

Curtis Cormier
Director of Financial Aid, Financial Aid
M.S., San Francisco Conservatory of Music
B.A., Indiana University

William Cote
Associate Professor, Radiologic Technology
M.A., Anna Maria College
B.S., Northeastern University
A.D.N., Laboure College

Mary Cronmiller
Assistant Coordinator of Student Engagement
M.Ed., Harvard Graduate School of Education
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Stevens

Paula Cucinotta
Payroll Administrator
B.F.A., Massachusetts College of Art

Emily Cullen
Clerk V, Student Accounts
M.A., Boston University 
B.S., University of Wisconsin

Sheron Daley
Clerk V, Registration

Michael D’Alessandro
Maintainer II, Facilities

Christopher Daniele
Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Information Technology
M.S., New York Institute of Technology
B.S., New York Institute of Technology

Cynthia Delaney
Accountant III, Student Accounts
M.S., Fitchburg State College
B.A.,  Lindenwood Colleges

Erin Delaney
Associate Professor, Nursing
M.S.N/Ed., University of Phoenix
B.S.N., University of Massachusetts, Boston
B.A., Seton Hill College

Joseph DeLisle
Director of Facilities, Facilities
B.S., University of Lowell
A.S., Middlesex Community College

Roxanne Dell
Systems Analyst
B.A., Wheelock College

Karen Delorey
Coordinator of Library Services
M.S., Simmons College
B.A., Boston College

Abigail Detweiler
Title III Grant - Project Administrator
M.A., Wellesley College
B.A., Simmons College

Ellen DiMarzo
Assistive Technology Disability Specialist
M.A., Assumption College
B.A., Assumption College

Meghan DiMino
Administrative Assistant II, Humanities & Social Sciences
B.S., Salem State College

Michael Discolo III
Associate Director, Students Accounts
M.S., Wheelock College
B.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

John Donato
Professor, English
M.A., Wesleyan University
M.A., George Washington University
B.A., Hobart College

Sheila Donlon
Director, Student Accounts
B.S.B.A., Suffolk University

Kathleen Duchainey
Professor, Business
M.S., Eastern Nazarene College
B.S., Eastern Nazarene College

Lisa Dunn
Clerk IV, Admissions
B.A., California State University

Jon Edwards
Director of Counseling
M.A., Assumption College
B.A., Providence College

Patricia Eisenhauer
Professor, Life Sciences
Ph.D., Boston College
B.S., Boston College

Judith Elliston
Professor, Life Sciences
Ph.D., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
B.A., University of Virginia

Gary Ennis
Electrician II, Facilities

Kelly Fair
Library Assistant III, Learning Services
B.S. Regis College
A.A., MassBay Community College

Robert Familia
Maintainer II, Facilities

Orland Fernandes
Learning Specialist, Academic Achievement Center
M.A., Eastern Nazarene College
B.S., University of Salford, Manchester, U.K.

Sean Fortney
Academic Counselor, Academic Advising
M.A., Michigan State University
B.A., Bucknell
A.A., Harrisburg Area Community College

Cynthia Fox
Staff Assistant to President and Provost, President’s Office
B.F.A., Pratt Institute

Shraddha Gaikwad
HR Generalist & Organizational Development Specialist
M.S., Salem State University
Post Graduate diploma in Human Resources, IMDR, IndiaB.S., India

Deborah Georgopoulos
Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Administration & Finance/Budget Associate
A.S., Massachusetts Bay Community College

Dustin Gerstenfield
PeopleSoft Functional Analyst, Information Technology
M.Ed., University of North Texas
B.A., University of North Texas

Heidi Getchell-Bastien
Assistant Professor, Business & Professional Studies
J.D., Suffolk University
B.A., Bradford College

Julie Ginn
Director Career, Internship Services & Mentoring, Student Development
M.Ed., Suffolk University
B.S., Johnson and Wales University

Tyler Gmerek
Laboratory Technician-II 
B.S., Framingham State University

Hagar-Mae Godwin
Enrollment Specialist, Registration

Alan Goldman
Associate Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences
M.A., University of Massachusetts
M.P.A., Framingham State College
B.A., University of Massachusetts

Sherri Goldman
Senior Accountant, Fiscal Affairs
MBA., Suffolk University
B.A., Brooklyn College

Dolores Goyette   
Associate Professor,       
Doctor of Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic     
Post-doctoral Sports Physician Certificate, New York College of Chiropractic  

Kelly Graska
Administrative Assistant I, Office of Student Development
B.A., Roanoke College        

Brandon Griffin
Admissions Coordinator, Admissions
M.A., Bridgewater State University
B.A., Bridgewater State University

Mark Gustavsen
Budget Analyst, Fiscal Affairs
M.B.A., Suffolk University
B.S., Babson College 

Elizabeth Hannigan
Associate Professor, Human Services
M.S., Suffolk University
B.S., Suffolk University

Karen Hansen
Professor, Radiologic Technology
M.Ed., Framingham State College
B.S., Northeastern University
A.S., Northeastern University

Diane Harper
Professor, Literature & Cultural Studies
M.A., Boston University
B.A., Boston University

Stephen Hartry
Administrative Assistant II, Health Sciences
B.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Jessica Henry
Academic Counselor
M.Ed., Bridgewater State College
B.A., Clark University

James Hurley
Buyer II, Purchasing & Business Operations

Alex Jean-Jacques
Coordinator of Financial Aid, Financial Aid
M.S.M.S., Lasell College
Bachelors in Urban and Regional Planning 
A.A., Broward College

Charmaine Jemison
Staff Associate, Human Resources
MBA., Nichols College
B.A., Saint Vincent College

Adler Jeune
EDP Systems Analyst III, Information Technology
A.S., College Canado

Lise Johnson-Kinahan
Special Programs Coordinator, Health Sciences
BFA, New England School of Art and Design

Ming Ju
Associate Director
Ph.D., Seton Hall University
M.A., Shanghai International Studies University
BA., Nan’kai University

Valerie Kapilow
SSA Project Director, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
M.S., Lesley College
B.S., Northeastern University

Christine Keene
Administrative Assistant II, Advising

Mona Khaitan
Professor, Accounting
Ph.D., Hindu University
M.S., Roosevelt University
B.A., Roosevelt University

Elizabeth Kinsman-El Khider
Executive Assistant, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
B.S., Bridgewater State University
A.A., Massachusetts Bay Community College
A.S., Massachusetts Bay Community College

Heather Knuth
Professor, Mathematics
M.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
B.S., State University of New York, Oswego

Terry Kramer
Director of Administrative Computing
M.Ed., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
B.S., North Adams State College
B.A., North Adams State College

Nicole Lambert
Assistant Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences
Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder 
M.A., University of Toledo
B.A., University of Toledo

Laura Lavallee
Associate Registrar 
M.B.A., Boston University
M.Ed., Boston University
B.A., Emmanuel College

Cynthia Lawton
Professor, Humanities
M.A., Hunter College
B.A., Emerson College

Alicia B. Layne
Assistant Professor, Associate Degree Nursing
M.S.N., University of Phoenix.

Sally Leung
Administrative Assistant II, Office of Purchasing & Business Operations
B.S., UMASS Boston

Amy Letteney
Development Officer, Foundations Relations
B.A., Franklin and Marshall College

Matthew Lewis
Maintainer II, Facilities

Vanessa Lockridge
Enrollment Specialist, Student Accounts

Deborah London
Professor, Communication
Ph.D., Ohio University
M.A., Emerson College
B.S., Syracuse University

Henry Lopez
Electronic Data Processing Systems Analyst II
B.S., UMass Boston
A.S., Bunker Hill Community College

Deborah Lovewell        
Assistant Professor,    
RN, M.S.N., Framingham State University    
B.S.N., Framingham State University    
B.A., Ithaca College

Leanne Lowell
Administrative Assistant II, Academic Achievement Center
B.A., Bridgewater State University

Kara Lucciola
Professor, Legal Studies & Criminal Justice
J.D., Suffolk University Law School
B.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Cheryl MacMillan
Academic Counselor
M.Ed., University of Massachusetts, Boston
B.A., Saint Mary’s University

Bridget Madden
Staff Assistant to the Director of Learning Services
M.F.A., University of Southern Maine
B.S., University of Maine

Ping Mao
Computer Applications Developer, Information Technology
B.S., East China University

John Martin
Recruitment Counselor
B.S., Grantham University

Jason Mazaik
Professor, Criminal Justice
M.A., Northeastern University
B.A., Sacred Heart University

Jennifer McAndrew
M.Ed., Salem State University
B.A., University of New Hampshire

Alison McCarty
Director of Admissions, Admissions
MBA,Harvard Business School
SB, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sean McCarthy
Learning Specialist - Reading & Writing
MFA, Emerson College
B.A., Brandeis University

Deborah McCormack
Professor, Literature & Cultural Studies
M.A., University of Kent, Canterbury
B.S., Northeastern University

Kathryn McGrath
Professor, ESL & Composition
M.A., City College of CUNY
M.A., Northeastern University
B.A., Indiana University

Therisa McKeon
Clerk V Enrollment Specialist, Student Accounts.
B.S., University of Vermont

Keith McWilliams
Assistant Professor, Automotive Technology
A.S., MassBay Community College

Anu Meacham
Assistant Director of Math & Science Center, Academic Achievement Center
M.S., Purdue University
B.A., Smith College  

Marco Mena
Associate Professor, Spanish
M.S., Minnesota State University
B.A., University of Northern Iowa

Jessica Merisier
Manager, Special Events
B.S., Salem State University

Zuher Miro
Senior Technical Specialist, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
A.S., Fourth Industrial Institute

Ruma Mishra
Professor, Psychology
Ph.D., Kanpur University, India
M.A., Kanpur University, India
B. Ed., Kanpur University, India
B.A., Kanpur University

Donna Missle
Administrative Assistant I

Carolina Moreno
Administrative Assistant I, Financial Aid
B.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst        

Shamsi Moussavi
Professor, Computer Science
M.S., Brown University
B.A., Rhode Island College

Raman Nambudripad
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India,
M.S., Punjab Agricultural University, India,
B.S., Punjab University, India

Adam Nelson
Director of Athletics, Recreation & Wellness, Athletics and Wellness Center
B.A., Boston College

Christine Ng
Enrollment Specialist, Student Accounts

Trong Nguyen
Maintainer II, Facilities

Thomas Niemi
Assistant Professor, Business
Ph.D., Capella University
M.S., Eastern Nazarene College 
B.S., Bridgewater State University

Jennifer Nourse
Professor, ESL
M.Ed., Boston University
B.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Robert O’Connell
Associate Professor, Mathematics
M.S., University of Massachusetts, Lowell
B.S., State College of Worcester

Brooke Ogden
Academic Counselor
M.S., Capella University
B.S., University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Joseph O’Neill
Coordinator of Disability Resources
M.S., Northwestern University
B.A., College of the Holy Cross

Claudia Ortiz
Admissions Coordinator
B.A., Northeastern University
A.S., CUNY: Borough of Manhattan Community College

Daniel Pace
Associate Director
B.A., Brock University
Human Resources Certificate, Humber College

Max Pacheco
Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Systems Analyst III
B.S., UMass Boston
A.S., Bunker Hill Community College

Chandrakant Panse
Professor, Biotechnology
Ph.D., Boston University
M.S., Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
M.A., Boston University
B.S., University of Bombay

Ellen Parsons
Associate Professor, Accounting
M.B.A., Babson College
B.A., Northeastern University

Nicholas Pavloski
Assistant Professor, BMW ADP
A.S.E., Certificate Automotive Technology

John Perkins
Professor, Mathematics
M.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
B.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
A.A., Berkshire Community College

Nhon Pham
Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Systems Analyst II
B.S., Fitchburg State University.

Reginald Pierre-Charles
Administrative Assistant II, Business & Professional Studies
A.S., MassBay Community College

Ronald Pisani
Storekeeper II, Purchasing & Business Operations

Jeffrey Price
Director of Network Operations, Information Technology
A.S., Mount Ida College  

Nate Principato
Graphic Designer, Marketing & Institutional Communications
B.A., Art Institute of Los Angeles 

Chaya Radin
Learning Specialist, Academic Achievement Center
M.Ed., Lehman College, CUNY
M.S., Long Island University
B.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Harold Riggs
Professor, Computer Science
Ph.D., University of Chicago
M.S., University of Chicago
B.S., University of Texas
B.A., University of Texas

Timothy Rivard
Director of Learning Services
M.L.S., University of Rhode Island
M.A., Assumption College
B.A., Assumption College

Jacqueline Rodriguez
Coordinator of Financial Aid, Financial Aid
B.A., Framingham State University 
A.A., MassBay Community College

Linda Romero
Professor, Education
M.Ed., Wheelock College
B.A., Sarah Lawrence College

Rita Rzezuski        
Associate Professor, Business & Professional Studies  
M.Ed, Wheelock College    
B.S., Boston University  

Sarah Salerno
Director of Academic Advising & Transfer Advising
M.Ed., Suffolk University
B.A., St. Michael’s College     

Luna Salman
Administrative Assistant I, Admissions
B.A., Curry College
A.S., MassBay Commuinty College

Robert Santosuosso
Payroll Accounting Manager
B.S., Boston State College

Peter Schilling
Senior Admissions Counselor
M.A., Columbia University Teacher’s College
B.S., Emerson College

Julie Schleicher
Coordinator of Student Activities
M.Ed., Salem State University
B.A., Bridgewater State College

Nicole Seifert
Clerk V, Enrollment Management
B.S., Worcester State University

Dara Semprucci
Administrative Assistant II/Accounts Payable Clerk

Giuseppe (Tony) Sena
Professor, Computer Sciences
M.S., Northeastern University
M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S., Central University of Venezuela

Feby Sesar
Grants Administrator
M.B.A., Northeastern University  
M.A., Northeastern University
B.A., United States International University, Nairobi, Kenya

Jill Silos-Rooney
Professor, History
Ph.D., University of New Hampshire
M.A., University of Colorado
B.S., University of Connecticut

Nirmal Singh        
Associate Professor, Bio Technology    
Ph.D, University of Delhi, India    
M.Sc. TMBU, India    
B.S., TMBU, India

Karen Steinhoff
Assistant Professor, Radiologic Technology
B.S., Fitchburg State College
A.S., MassBay Community College

Linda Strayhorn
Administrative Assistant II, Disability Resources

Adam Sun
Database Administrator, Information Technology
Ph.D., University of Lowell
B.S., Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology

Robert Tarutis
Professor, Humanities
A.M., Boston College
A.B., College of the Holy Cross

Jeanie Tietjen
Professor, English
M.F.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
B.A., University of Washington

Andrew Tobin
Building Maintenance Supervisor II, Facilities

Radhames Vasquez
Painter I, Facilities

Elise Vokt
Advancement Associate, Foundation and Alumni Affairs 
M.S., Northeastern UniversityB.A., University of Massachusetts Boston

Marc Voltus
Campus Police Officer I
Certificate, Criminal Justice,  Lincoln Technical Institute

Dennis Walsh
Professor, Biotechnology
M.S., University of Massachusetts, Lowell
B.S., University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Matthew Walsh
Associate Professor, English
M.A., Hollins University
B.A., St. Michael’s College

Wendy Walsh
Web Developer
B.A., Salem State University

Rebecca Wasdyke
Staff Associate, Health Sciences
M.A., Simmons College
B.A., Indiana University

Rhian Waterberg
Assistant Director of Academic Advising 
M.A., University of Michigan
B.A., University of Vermont

Elizabeth Watson
Assistant Professor, Human Services
M.Ed., Framingham State College
B.A., Framingham State College

Meredith Watts
Associate Professor, Mathematics
M.A., State University of New York, Potsdam
B.A., State University of New York, Potsdam

Ann Whelan
Associate Director of Counseling Services
M.A., Lesley College
B.A., University of Massachusetts, Boston

Monifa Wilds
Administrative Assistant I, The Office of Corporate Partnerships & Workforce Development 

Sharon Williams
Administrative Assistant II-Facilities, Facilities
H.S., Scituate High School

Heidi Williams-Mackey
Senior Admissions Counselor, Admissions Office
B.S., Southern Connecticut State University
A.S., Mount Ida College

Andrew Wrobel
Assistant Professor, Business
M.B.A., University of Chicago
B.A., University of Chicago

Adjunct Faculty *

* Adjunct faculty who taught during the 2018-2019 Academic Calendar.

Division of Automotive Technology

  • Scott Fitzgerald
  • John Gallagher

Division of Business & Professional Studies

  • Victor Accam
  • Roberta Allison
  • Scott Burke
  • Scott Bushway
  • Clifton Chow
  • Nicholas Cochrane
  • Margaret Crowe
  • John Cutone
  • Paul DeFazio
  • Edward Derba
  • Heather DeVincent-Cook
  • Edward Donahue
  • Melissa Dowling Mack
  • Donald Ferland
  • Florencia Gabriele
  • Susan Giroux Dee
  • Bernadette Golas
  • Jeffrey Goldberg
  • Carolyn Gould
  • Karen Grady
  • Sabrina Gray
  • James Grenier
  • Carolyn Guttilla
  • Brian Hurley
  • Tina Klarakis
  • Guy Lochiatto
  • Dean Marzullo
  • Kyla McSweeney
  • Richard Metzger
  • Timothy Mines
  • Karen Nardone-Lemons
  • Joseph Nee
  • Mary Nelson
  • Roger Pao
  • Charles Phair
  • Warren Powell
  • Nancy Railsback
  • James Regan
  • Jason Ribak
  • Chantal Rowat
  • Brian Saulnier
  • Joanne Tsakas Barros
  • Lawrence Wolozin
  • Margaret Woodward

Division of Health Sciences

  • Sudha Acharya
  • Kimberly Altavesta
  • Kathleen Bangma
  • Kristine Bonneau
  • Laura Bowen
  • Mary Bruni
  • Robin Cunningham
  • Christine Duggan
  • Mary Federico
  • Paula Forcier
  • Tobias Geraghty
  • Kelly Greaves
  • Brianne Greeley
  • Paula Haddad
  • Michael Ifill
  • Judith Kelly
  • George Kinahan
  • Donna Malone
  • Linda McKay
  • Ana Olivar
  • Richard Paschal
  • Emmelyne Pasquis
  • Angel Pepin
  • Christian Pierce
  • George Roberts
  • Kristen Santiago
  • Kathryn Santilli
  • Keith Schnabel
  • Jose Silva
  • William Stone
  • Carla Whitmore

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Renee Abramson
  • Demola Adeyemi
  • Erik Anker
  • Lisa Armstrong Smith
  • Denise Barsky
  • Jennifer Bauder
  • Eric Berg
  • Catherine Berlinghieri-Rossi
  • Steve Bonkowski
  • Dominique Bourdon Kerins
  • Andrew Byrne
  • John Clark
  • Alfred Corbosiero
  • Ilirjana Cordova
  • Jeanne Cosmos
  • Margaret Crowe
  • Celeste Cunningham
  • John Dirlam
  • Melissa Dowling Mack
  • John Dunn
  • Edward Eaton
  • Joseph Ethier
  • Richard Farrell
  • Mary Garrison
  • Evan Gerstein
  • Michele Giargiari
  • Anita Gilbert
  • Patricia Glynn
  • Lawrence Goff
  • Jeffrey Goldberg
  • Karen Grady
  • Thomas Gunnoud
  • Carolyn Guttilla
  • Lisa Huber
  • Mary Hughes
  • Seth Jameson
  • Brian Keegan
  • Rose Kelly
  • Kelly Keough
  • Nicole Lambert
  • Kathleen Lampert
  • Robert LeBlanc
  • Nancy Levine
  • Melinda Marchand
  • Melissa Marks
  • David Medina
  • Marco Mena
  • Theresa Mislick
  • Denny Morell
  • Karen Nardone-Lemons
  • Joseph Nee
  • Donna Nelson
  • John Northgraves
  • Farideh Oboodiat
  • Joel Ohren
  • Ann Palmer
  • Marilyn Paschal
  • Andrew Pearlman
  • Michael Pecora
  • Neil Pischner
  • Elizabeth Price
  • Nancy Railsback
  • Elizabeth Raptis
  • Joseph Ray
  • ShaQuan Read
  • Benjamin Remillard
  • Norvel Rice
  • Sara Rogers
  • Louis Rosenberg
  • Daniel Rubenstein
  • Blake Ruehrwein
  • Marjorie Saunders
  • Keith Schnabel
  • Jeffrey Seideman
  • Helene Simon
  • Jenna Stacy
  • Ellen Stewart
  • Robert Tarpey
  • Wayne Taylor
  • Joanne Tsakas Barros
  • Christiane Turnheim
  • Bryan Wint
  • Kristin Wivagg
  • Margaret Woodward
  • Holly Worthington
  • Rachel Zakuta

Division of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

  • Arwa Alkhateeb
  • ClementAmpadu
  • Laith Asfar
  • Marion Bank
  • Igor Baryakhtar
  • Mohammad Bastani
  • Tatyana Bronstein
  • Alyce Burnell
  • Jeanne Canale
  • Richard Canale
  • Robert Cantin
  • Jin Chen
  • David Clark
  • Gary Clifford
  • William Comery
  • Susan Copen
  • Ming Kuang- Covitz
  • Deborah Dahl
  • Gene Davis
  • Nancy Del Prato
  • Robert Dubow
  • George Ehrhorn
  • Catherine Flaherty
  • Susan Fleck
  • Ryan Fried
  • Joseph Golden
  • Wayne Gonnerman
  • Dennis Goodwin
  • Ellen Graham
  • Hollis Graves
  • Linda Grisham
  • Yuangang Gu
  • Susan Hamilton
  • Mary Hughes
  • Bhagwat Jaiman
  • Jaleh Jalili
  • Wesley Johnson
  • Brian Keegan
  • Roy Kennedy
  • Fariborz Khalaj
  • Farkhondeh Khalili
  • Karna Krishna
  • Terry Lemons
  • Alan Levy
  • Paul Lienard
  • Kenneth McGourty
  • Suhad Miro
  • MaryBeth Mittaz
  • George Moussalli
  • Peter Nassiff
  • Amerline Occean
  • Ujwala Panse
  • John Paradise
  • Tamara Paul
  • Saviniano Perez
  • Salvatore Petricone
  • Christopher Previte
  • James Ragwar
  • Daryoosh Rajabi
  • Tina Ramme
  • Stephen Roll
  • Mitra Rozati
  • Sarmad Saman
  • Sibaji Sarkar
  • Behrooz Satvat
  • Mary Sceppa
  • Willy Schild
  • Judith Shea
  • Reed Smith
  • Jessica Smith-Rohrberg
  • Michael Smolowitz
  • Andrew Staley
  • Alice Tamaccio
  • Ann Tamulinas
  • Indira Thimmiah
  • Leanne Velichansky
  • Tracey Vincent
  • Christopher Wagenbach
  • Suzzette Waters
  • Michael Wolchonok
  • Aaron Zwicker